Life on the Reef: Corals, Sea Squirts, Sponges, Bryozoa, Comb Jellies, Marine Plants

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Corals, sponges, bryozoans and tunicates form a significant part of the biodiversity of a coral reef. Without knowledge of their main features, families and species, a scuba diver, underwater photographer or snorkeler cannot even understand what he sees underwater. This book provides not only this necessary knowledge, but also gives numerous examples of macro-life associated with it. This is important because it is impossible to be an expert on nudibranchs, shrimps or fish without knowing their habitats. The book will also assist marine biologists in the primary identification of their findings during field work. It incorporates the most current scientific research including the latest taxonomy information as of publication date.

"Reef Life" is the final volume in the Reef ID Books series on the marine life of the tropical Indo-Pacific. Previous volumes of Reef ID Books have been a photo guide to the mostly mobile animals of coral reefs. These were fish, crustaceans, nudibranchs, seashells, echinoderms, marine worms (including flatworms.)

This book presents the mostly sessile inhabitants of coral reefs. The reef animals and marine plants considered in the book are grouped into 10 phyla: Corals & allies (Cnidaria), Sea Squirts (Tunicata), Sponges (Porifera), Moss Animals (Bryozoa), Comb Jellies (Ctenophora), Brachiopods, Entoprocts, Foraminiferans, Sea Weeds and Cyanobacteria.

The book also provides basic information about jellyfish, presenting the species most commonly found under water. This includes, among others, the extraordinary Immortal Jellyfish and the dangerous Box Jellyfish and Bluebottle.

Together with this volume, the total coverage of the species in the Reef ID Books series of eight books reaches an incredible number of 8500 species!

Reef ID Travel Book Set

The book covers the region from the Red Sea, East and South Africa to Hawaii, Marshall Islands and Guam.

Inside the book:

• Over 2100 full color photographs of 1430+ species;

• Live photographs of most species have not appeared in field guides or popular books in recent decades;

• Convenient pictorial guides are complemented by a genera index at the end of the book.

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Life on the Reef: Corals, Sea Squirts, Sponges, Bryozoa, Comb Jellies, Marine Plants

9 ratings
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